Health and safety

Environmental, Health and Safety is a key aspect of our industry that is why NISSI places great importance on risk assessments and method statements to make certain that the hazards on site are managed appropriately.

All staff on site are fully inducted and they are trained to be able to identify a hazard and be able to take the next step to mitigate or minimize the risk. Staff on site are required to wear the correct PPE, this is to guarantee their safety and the safety of others.

NISSI encourage ‘near miss’ reporting of incidents that could have led to an accident by our employees and subcontractor partners, the reason for this is reporting such events has shown to lead to a decrease in the number of accidents. Safety audits are also carried out on site by our project managers regularly. Toolbox talks are attended by all employees on site, these occur regularly and provide employees with important information which will help them refresh the knowledge they already retain.

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